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The BTExpo is changing!


Several major changes will affect the 2019 edition of this trade show.

First of all, the BTExpo will not be held in December, but at the end of October, and in two different places, namely:
Monday, October 28 at the Jeux d'Hiver in Brussels from 12 pm to 8 pm.
Tuesday 29 October at the Congress - Erfgoedcentrum Lamot in Mechelen from 12 pm to 8 pm.

"Our staff has also renewed. Charles Bedoret is no longer part of it, but the name of his commercial replacement can not be communicated for reasons of temporary confidentiality. The accounting and financial administration is in my hands, while the communication (form and content) is entrusted to the Brussels company Copyright.

The first two changes were decided following a survey of more than 90% of exhibitors by a sounder outside BTExpo. As a result, access to the capital is considered by a large majority as an obstacle to the arrival of Walloon or Flemish visitors even if the morning rush of commuters was completed at the time the show opened.

The dates of the beginning of December were the subject of a triple remarks:


  • Winter weather (as was the case in 2017),

  • Too late in the year to materialize contracts for the next booking year,

  • Brochures already out for some time.

These remarks led us to modify the dates of the show. This concept of a living room in two days and in two places does not pose any serious problem of logistics, at least not at the level of the visitors who will go to BTExpo the day or days of their choice since it will be the exhibitors who will go there. For foreign exhibitors staying in Brussels, we will organize a return shuttle on the second day. As far as the Belgian exhibitors are concerned, their equipment is very light and transportable by their care. As for the evening that closed the second day, it is not essential in the formula where it currently exists and can be replaced by two walking diners with a special event.

"There will be two twin days, one in Brussels and one in Mechelen. "



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